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Stainless Headers

1616 Cliff Road E
Burnsville, MN 55337
Tel: (952) 890-9219
Fax: (952) 890-9217

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Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high end custom headers and header components. Every header and header component is custom built to meet each one of our customer’s individual needs. We offer a variety of materials, from 321 stainless and 304 stainless to mild steel.  Builders of custom  headers have come to know us as their primary source for high end header components. Because we supply many aviation manufacturing facilities, our products and materials meet only the highest standards. Our merge collectors are hand built, using time tested craftsmanship. Our 321 stainless steel bends are mandrel bent using the same techniques and care as mandrel bends used in the aerospace industry. Our 321 stainless steel header tubing is only Mil-T- 8808 Mil spec tubing. We also offer oval tubing and oval bends. You will find that our custom header mock up kit is unique to the industry. This versatile header fabrication process enables us to build a set of custom headers for your very application, without having the car in our shop.  Because of our extensive tooling capabilities, Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc. can fabricate virtually any collector-header combination you can imagine. Let us know how we can put our experience to work for you.

   Custom Headers              Merge Collectors          Mandrel Bends 


   Header Flanges        Formed Collectors       Race Mufflers


   Custom Exhaust     Exhaust X & Y Pipes        Oval Tubing 


    Turbo Headers         Exotic Specialty Headers      Cobra Kit Headers


     Marine Headers         Pulling Truck Headers        Corvette Headers



   Industrial Exhaust


       Building Your Own Headers?   

See Our Custom Header Fabrication Video Series.    


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