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Stainless Headers

1616 Cliff Road E
Burnsville, MN 55337
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Marine Boat Headers And Exhaust

Stainless Headers Mfg., Inc. offers truely custom made boat headers and exhaust risers. our standard marine headers or our water jacket headers are fabricated in a 316 stainless and purge tig welded. Custom marine exhaust risers can be fabricated using the originals as a pattern.

Our standard boat headers can be built using out header mockup kit.

Using this process, we can build virtually any configuration.


 Our custom made water jacketed headers define the word custom.

Using our unique marine header mockup kit, we can fabricate any design you configure.

The water jacket marine headers shown here were built using the customers original deteriorated set for a Lamborghini 12 cylinder installation.

Many previous installations used headers produced by Stellings Headers. If you have a boat that incorporated a set of Stellings Headers, we can dimensionally reproduce that configuration for a bolt in replacement set. Our fabricators build a custom set by your supplied Stellings sample.


Need a replacement marine exhaust riser?

We offer our

"Fast Turn Service"

For marine exhaust risers using your original as a sample.

Talk to one of our techs to find how we can get you back in service fast.

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