"How much will my custom set of headers cost"?

 It is the most common question we get and the hardest to answer. Since every set of headers we build are custom one off, we see everything from 2000+ horse power big blocks turbo systems to BMW off road racers. The following is a general guideline to custom header pricing. It's to be used as a guide. We can usually give a fairly close estimate over the telephone. If it is for reproducing a set of headers that you currently have, we can give exact quotes from an e-mailed photo.



V-8 Normally Aspirated


    Primary Tube Size                    Mild Steel                         Stainless Steel

1 1/2"  to 2"     

$2025  to $2350

$2300  to  $2550

2 1/8"  to 2 1/2"

$2300  to $2550

$2650  to  $2800



Pricng Examples

The following pictures are pricing examples to give you a general overview on how the pricing structure is based.

Be sure to contact one of our sales people for a more exact price quote. We will be more than happy to answer any design or pricing questions you may have.

This Small Block Chevy twin turbo system costs about $2535.00 after the turbo and the (2) "V" band flange add ons. The price includes the turbo merge collectors with double slip joints, wastegate flanges and formed turbo inlets.

Some headers need to be quoted individually and this is a perfect example. Custom built for a GT40, the complete system includes custom built mufflers uniquely built for this particular application. To build a set of headers with mufflers as shown above would be priced somewhere around $3200.00

This is a perfeect example of a very straight forward and common header. The only fabrication add on would be the bung welded on #5 primary tube. Fabricated in 304 stainless and purge tig welded, this set of 2 1/4" primary tube headers incorporates a set of hand made merge collectors for about $2750.

 Be sure to see the fabrication and component price add ons at the bottom of the page.


V-6 Normally Aspirated


Primary Tube Size          Mild Steel                  Stainless Steel

1 1/2"  to  2"

$1450  to $1750

$1750  to  $1950

2 1/8"  to  2 1/2"

$1650  to $1950

$1850  to  $2150

Inline 4 Cylinder Normally Aspirated


Primary Tube Size                   Mild Steel                Stainless Steel

        1 1/2"         

$850  to  $1050

$950  to $1250

Header Fabrication Add Ons

8 Cylinder Turbo

* $165.00

6 Cylinder Turbo

* $145.00

4 Cylinder Turbo

* $125.00

"V" Band Flanges Each Collector

   $55.00 to   $65.00

O2 Sensor Bung Each installed


EGT Probe Bung Each installed


3 Hole Collector Flange Installed


Tri "Y" In Place Of a 4 Into 1 Collector 2" and under Primary tube Size


Tri "Y" In Place Of a 4 Into 1 Collector 2 1/8" and Over Primary tube Size


Collector Evac Tube Each Collector


* Price for turbo systems are for the complete headers from the head flange to the turbo inlet flange. It does not include the turbo, wastegate, "V" band flanges, or the down pipe.